Return on investment

How do I make money with Rubey Art Security Tokens?

In the papers you will sometimes read about record-breaking art auctions. Rubey’s Art Security Tokens are designed in such a way that everyone can share in the potential surplus value of museum-owned pieces. Note that not all artworks achieve surplus value. This directly exposes the Art Security Tokens’ investors to the evolution of the painting’s value (a price increase or decrease).

How is the initial price of Art Security Tokens determined?

Art Security Tokens are always linked to one specific piece of art. The initial price of Art Security Tokens is the sum of the purchase price and a one-off administrative/operational cost. This is divided by the number of Art Security Tokens. Ruby issues 1 million tokens per artwork.

Check the concrete figures for every individual piece.

How can I get a return from my investment?

At the end of the tokenisation period (generally 10 years with an extension of maximum three years) Rubey will once again put the artwork on the market. The net realisation value (that is the price obtained at sale after deduction of taxes and the costs incurred for the sale) is divided in its entirety among the token holders at the time of sale.

You don’t want to wait that long? No problem. You can always exit prematurely free of charge. You then offer your Art Security Tokens on the Bulletin Board at a price determined by you. The transfer can take place as soon as you have found a buyer.

Emotional value

A tokenised Rubey artwork is not stored away in a warehouse or private collection. It is placed on loan to a prestigious museum. This way masterpieces become accessible to all art lovers again, giving your investment a significant social impact.

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