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Rubey supports the token holders with practical information. Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions in the Rubey community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the platform, technical functionalities or future artworks/investments:


Yes, you can easily create a free wallet and link it to your Rubey account, see 'How to link a free digital 'wallet'?'

You already have a digital wallet? Excellent. You can also use it on your Rubey account. You don’t have a digital wallet yet? This video explains how you can link a free wallet to your account.

Yes, there are no costs associated with tracking Rubey Art Security Tokens, provided you use a free wallet. However, if you opt for a so-called "custodied wallet solution," there may be charges. Please consult the information from the custodial wallet provider for this.

Buying or selling Art Security Tokens

Would you like to buy or sell Art Security Tokens by Rubey? The video below tells you how it works.

This is very simple. In order to purchase and hold Rubey Art Security Tokens, you need to register once through this link. You will then be guided through the legally required verification process (KYC) step by step. Once this process is successfully completed, you can log in to the personal investor portal. Tokens can be purchased in various ways, depending on the phase of the token offering:

1/ Primary sale - From the investor portal, you can view the different STOs, and if they are in the initial offering phase, you can buy tokens through the 'Invest' button.

2/ Secondary sale - After the initial offering phase is over, you can buy tokens from other token holders through the bulletin board (accessible via the 'buy/sell' button on the investor portal). (See FAQ xxx for more details)

3/ Secondary sale - If you go to the details of a painting on our website, you can click on 'I want to invest,' and easily purchase tokens for a fixed price.

Certainly, you can offer (a portion of) your tokens for sale at any time through the bulletin board (accessible via the 'buy/sell' button on the investor portal). Watch our video to see how this works.

There can be several reasons why you cannot purchase tokens, for example:

  • Are you residing outside the EU? If so, it is not possible to register with Rubey and invest in Rubey Art Security Tokens.
  • Have you registered but failed to successfully complete the verification process (KYC)? In that case, it's not possible to invest (yet).
  • Has the primary sale ended? If so, you cannot invest using the 'invest' button on your investor portal.

Please feel free to contact us at if you are experiencing any issues, and we will be happy to assist you in identifying the problem.

At this time, we only offer the option to purchase tokens with EUR. We may consider adding the option to buy tokens with Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies in the future.

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