You have an impact.

You have an impact.

Rubey Art Security Tokens meet the needs of a new generation of art investors. They are more focused on the social impact of their investments.

JTH Rubey Artwork Arriving KMSKA 220224

Help expand the collections of museums.

Rubey was born from a social vision aiming to enrich museum collections with masterpieces through a new art investment model.

Museums often lack the resources to acquire new masterpieces. Thanks to you and other token holders, museums can expand and develop their collections. Each artwork that is tokenised on the Rubey platform comes from a private collection and is on long-term loan to a museum.

Keep art accessible.

Investing in Art Security Tokens is a valuable way of promoting culture and heritage.

Rubey’s tokenised masterpiece are:

  • not stashed in a warehouse somewhere
  • not hidden away in a private collection
  • accessible to the public
  • given on loan to a museum

Invest in art of an exceptional standard.

Invest in masterpieces that feature in the collections of leading museums, making them visible to the public at large.