What are Art Security Tokens?

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What are Art Security Tokens?

Rubey purchases a new artwork and subdivides it into equal virtual parts known as Art Security Tokens. You can purchase one or more Art Security Tokens and thereby acquire a financial right to this specific piece. In other words, as an investor you indirectly become the ‘owner’ of a small part of a masterpiece.

So how does it work?

Legal framework

A security is a tradeable financial asset. A security token is therefore the electronic form of such a security or tradeable financial asset:

1. Legal framework:
Rubey’s issue of Art Security Tokens is therefore bound by the financial legislation and is monitored by the supervisory authorities. This distinguishes Art Security Tokens from unregulated tokens such as Bitcoin and NFTs, which generally are not yet governed by a transparent legal framework.

2. The piece of art exists in the real world:
Rubey’s Art Security Tokens represent a value of an art collectible that exists in the real world. Unlike NFTs, for instance, which mainly represent digital artworks, these physical pieces of art are unique, museum-quality and non-copyable.

Registration on the blockchain

Rubey Art Security Tokens are registered on the Ethereum/Polygon blockchain.

A blockchain is a digital ledger that records who owns how many Art Security Tokens. It also tracks whenever an Art Security Token changes ownership. Such transactions and registrations can take place 24/7.

The rules and conditions that determine when an exchange of Art Security Tokens can go ahead are laid down in a so-called smart contract. This is a computer algorithm that automatically makes sure all participants stick to the arrangements.

For instance, Art Security Tokens can’t be exchanged with someone who is not yet registered as a verified user on the Rubey platform. This condition in the smart contract makes Art Security Tokens theft or fraud impossible.

Note that investments always involve certain risks.

Several risks are associated with investments in Art Security Tokens. Before investing in Art Security Tokens, you should read the description of the associated risks with due care.

Invest in art of an exceptional standard.

Invest in masterpieces that feature in the collections of leading museums, making them visible to the public at large.