Why invest?

Why invest part of your portfolio in Rubey?

Art is the perfect way to diversify your investments. Art is a more physical investment and art investments don’t simply follow the market fluctuations of other asset classes. Investing in the art market is not for everyone. It requires a great deal of expertise. Rubey is there to unburden you in your art investments.

All offered masterpieces are thoroughly screened and selected by a team of experts so you

   Quality of the artwork: a well-known artist not necessarily guarantees an attractive return. Other elements also come into play: is it a key piece, is the imagery recognisable...

   The condition of the artwork plays a crucial role.

   Provenance: the acquisition history of the artwork must be clear and transparent.

   Is the asking price in line with the market and does the artwork have the potential for an attractive return?

Thanks to fractional ownership, you spread the risk, and your investment can be made liquid. After all, you can sell your Art Security Tokens without the need to sell the artwork.

JTH Rubey Artwork Arriving KMSKA 220224

Invest in art of an exceptional standard.

Invest in masterpieces that feature in the collections of leading museums, making them visible to the public at large.