Corporate investor

Corporate investor:
why to partner?

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Societal impact

   Invest in societal dimension of art as part of
        corporate’s ESG ambition. 

   Democratize access to art through a
         unique partnership with Rubey.

   Connect with the era of co-ownership.

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Integrate digital innovation

Rubey Art Securitized Tokens are registered on the Ethereum/Polygon blockchain. Using this technology enables reduced costs, audit trail, and instant exchange using a smart contract protocol.

Contribute to preservation of cultural heritage

Museums often lack the resources to acquire new masterpieces. Thanks to you and other token holders, museums can expand and develop their collections. Each artwork that is tokenised on the Rubey platform comes from a private collection and is on long term loan to a museum.

Access to customized non-monetary benefits for corporate and clients:

In coordination with the museum, non-monetary benefits allow corporates to get exclusive treatment and the desired visibility around their investment.

Alternative investment

Art is an adequate way to diversify your investments. The investment in (physical) art does not simply follow the market fluctuations of other asset classes with which it has reduced correlation.

High-quality collectible art has tended to hold its value over time. All masterpieces offered by Rubey are thoroughly screened and selected by a team of experts in view of potential appreciation at maturity .

Thanks to fractional ownership, you spread the risk, and your investment can be made liquid. After all, you can sell your Art Security Tokens without the need to sell the artwork.

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Art Security Tokens.
How does it work?

Invest in art of the highest caliber.

Contact us to start investing in masterpieces displayed in collections of top museums, visible to everyone.