Everyone can almost admire James Ensor's Carnaval de Binche — september 2022

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Dear Rubey enthusiast,

It is with great pleasure that we address you again in this blog. Great to have you as our reader.

First of all: yes, the private viewing moment of your Ensor in the KMSKA is on its way.

We will invite all token holders to the KMSKA museum for an exclusive artwork viewing. In this respect, a meeting between Rubey and KMSKA is planned for the beginning of October, where we will discuss the organization and practicalities of such an event. We do apologize for not being able to organize this any sooner. Unfortunately for the museum, and this is not a blame, it turned out to be pretty impossible to organize such an event before the grand re-opening due to their overloaded agenda already. So at the end of October 2022, we expect to fully inform all token holders about this event. You will all be most welcome!

But if you cannot wait: the museum will open its doors on the 25th of September and you can find Carnaval de Binche by James Ensor next to another painting of the Belgian Master Rik Wouters (Autumn, made in 1913). It is remarkable to see how both these famous painters are using almost the same colours.

Rik Wouters, Autumn (1913)

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James Ensor, Carnaval de Binche (1924)

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Regarding the ongoing public token sale.

In the first phase (called the private sale) Rubey sold 100% of the tokens to 15 private investors. In the second phase (called the public sale and which is taking place now), Rubey is re-offering 25% of the total amount of tokens to the public. We are happy to say that 27% of the tokens offered to the public are already sold, knowing that the museum is not even open yet. On September 25, the KMSKA museum will open its doors. The 'Carnaval de Binche' artwork will be publicly displayed. Next to the artwork, a QR code will be shown, directing museum visitors immediately to the Rubey website. As the Rubey public offering of Art Security Tokens is still open till the end of January 2023, it will be interesting to see how this will increase token sales.

Are you already a certified investor?

For those of you who have so far only registered on the Rubey website, and haven’t gone through the full KYC onboarding process yet, we invite you all to do so. Because even if you don’t want to invest in tokens now, becoming a qualified investor means that you are automatically qualified to invest in future Rubey token offerings as well. You only need to go through the KYC process once. Nice to know: more Rubey Security Token Offerings (involving other artworks and collectibles) are already in the phase of setup. More news to be shared soon.

Stay connected for updates

Rubey will communicate about new token offerings to you all via mail. For regular company updates however and blog publication announcements, we invite you all to become a follower of the Rubey Linkedin page.

Feel free to communicate with us via Linkedin or the known email address support@rubey.be. If you have any questions at all, any feedback, or any ideas for the future, we’d love to hear them. And if you prefer not to hear from us anymore, just let us know and you will be removed from our database.

Thanks for reading and see you soon in the KMSKA.

All the best,

The Rubey Team