A Rubey event — the night at the museum — february 2023

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On Thursday, February 16th, Rubey invited all token holders of Ensor's Carnaval de Binche to visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp and admire the masterpiece they collectively own. The event was a unique opportunity for the token holders to see the painting up close and personal.

Nice meeting you, Carnaval de Binche

Upon arriving at the museum, the token holders were able to explore the beautiful museum at their own pace. Alongside the painting, a curator provided a detailed explanation of its history and significance, highlighting the intricate details of the brushstrokes and characters painted by Ensor. The beauty of the piece left many of the token holders in awe.

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The return of a masterwork to the public eye

Additionally, the curator discussed the importance of long-term custodianship for paintings of this caliber. The painting had previously been exhibited during Ensor's lifetime but disappeared into a private collection thereafter. The painting's return to the public eye and the ability of the museum to conduct research was made possible by the token holders' investment. Their collective ownership of the painting has allowed for the artwork to be showcased and studied, benefiting art lovers and scholars alike. Thanks to the token holders, this valuable piece of cultural heritage has been given the attention and care it deserves.

Of course, the Rubey team was also present to answer all questions of the token holders. They engaged in thoughtful discussions with the token holders, offering more information about Art Security Tokens and the future of the Rubey-platform.

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The start of the Rubey community

Overall, the event was an outstanding success that left the token holders with a newfound appreciation for their shared ownership of Carnaval de Binche. Not only did they have the opportunity to admire the masterpiece, but they also had the chance to connect with other art enthusiasts who share their passion.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made this unforgettable night at the museum possible, and a special thanks to Carmen Willems (director of KMSKA) for her belief in Rubey and for making this event a reality.

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