Investing in art
was never
more rewarding.

   Investing in art has never yielded more surplus value
   Exhibited in the world’s finest museums
   Making it even more valuable

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© Richard Kalvar / Magnum Photos

With Rubey's Art Security Tokens
you ensure that:

   quality artwork remains public.
   museums can expand their collections.
   you can diversify your investments.

   quality art becomes visible to everyone.
   you have a positive societal impact.
   everyone can invest in high-quality art.

And all of this with a regulated and recognized financial product.

Invest in this masterpiece

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Carnaval de Binche

James Ensor


Initial total offer price

Current offered token price

1,50 EUR

Tokens in circulation


Initial price per token

1,41 EUR

Loan until


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Oil on canvas

    61 cm x 76 cm


    Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA)

    Art is doing well

    > increasingly a stable asset
    > unique works
    > social impact investement

    The Mei Moses index demonstrates that art performs exceptionally well. This index, developed in the early 2000s by professors and economists Jianping Mei and Michael Moses, is based on auction prices worldwide for unique objects and paintings.
    The index was acquired by Sotheby's, one of the leading auction houses, in 2016.

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    Art Security Tokens.
    How does it work?

    "Rubey's artworks create
    a special connection between
    the masterworks and the token holders."

    — Maarten Van Doorslaer, CEO Rubey

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      Peter Hinssen

      Peter Hinssen
      Thought leader
      on innovation

      "At last, there's an innovative financial product
      that enhances the liquidity
      of traditional investment options,
      such as art."

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      Luc Falempin tokeny

      Luc Falempin
      CEO Tokeny
      Technology partner

      "Also new assets need
      to follow strict regulations."

    • KMSKA logo Rubey Black
      Carmen KMSKA

      Carmen Willems

      "Our remarkable collaboration turned
      into a close partnership."

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      Adrien Rollé

      Adrien Rollé
      Opportunity Financial Services

      We are proud to assist Rubey
      — as a digital pioneer —
      through our KYC processes in conducting
      the necessary legal checks on potential investors.

    The new investor
    wants impact.

    Rubey's Art Security Tokens provide
    > societal impact
    > support for museums
    > making art visible to everyone

    According to Deloitte's 2021 Art & Finance Report, the new generation of art collectors is driven not only by the financial aspect of their investment but also by their societal impact. Rubey's Art Security Tokens encompass both aspects. All artworks are loaned to museums, making them accessible to everyone. 

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    Art Security Tokens are
    like financial securities.

    > regulated
    > oversight
    > known legislation

    The issuance of Art Security Tokens is subject to financial regulations and oversight by regulatory government authorities. This sets Art Security Tokens apart from unregulated tokens like Bitcoins or NFTs, which generally lack a clear legal framework. 

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    © Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

    Every step receives
    our full attention
    for a great investment.


    01 — Curating

    A team of specialistscurates the artworks and collectibles. Artist, quality, value, potential and price are taken into account.

    02 — Tokenize

    Rubey tokenizes the artwork, making it financially inclusive and accessible, so everyone can become co-owner.

    03 — Expose

    Rubey tokenizes the artwork, making it financially inclusive and accessible, so everyone can become co-owner.

    Invest in art of the highest caliber.

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