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How to co-invest?

Each acquisition of a masterpiece involves a long and careful analysis of the market, prospected works and interested museums. Curators and art experts assist us in choosing the right piece at the best price. After that, it's up to you. Find out how you can co-invest to make a positive impact here.

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Register to the platform.

Each piece of art is unique, and therefore each piece of art has unique investment conditions. Register to view the properties, rights, benefits, potential returns and risks for the Art Security Tokens. Or find out more info about the possible financial return of the particular piece.

The Rubey platform only offers Art Security Tokens to private individuals.

If your company is interested in investing in Art Security Tokens, please contact us.

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Join and leave when you want.

You choose. You decide.

Read all about how easy it is to enter and how you can offer Art Security Tokens for sale. Do bear in mind that selling will only become possible from 2023 at the earliest.

Art Security Tokens make you the economic ‘co-owner’ of a masterpiece.

Register to the platform. Choose a piece of art. For now, only Carnaval de Binche by Ensor is available, but a second tokenised piece of art is being considered. Read the investment information and make sure you are aware of the risks. You can invest any amount from 150 to 10,000 euros on the Rubey platform. If you would like to invest more, please contact us.

Rubey Art Security Tokens have a 10-year term that can be extended to up to 13 years so that the piece can be sold in the best possible market conditions. This means that after a maximum of 13 years, the tokenised piece of art will be sold again on the market and all current Art Security Token owners will be entitled to their share of the net realisable value.

The piece's sales process will be started as early as the seventh year after the Art Security Tokens’ initial issuance. This allows enough time to reach a favourable position when the term expires. If a favourable offer is identified within the 36-month period preceding the end of the initial 10-year term, the Art Security Tokens can also be redeemed early.

The net realisable value obtained from the piece's sale will be proportionately distributed among the current token holders to meet their claims against the Issuer.

See the investment information for a particular piece of art for more specific details.

As a token holder, you don't need to wait until the end of the term to cash in your investment. You can sell Art Security Tokens on the Rubey platform bulletin board from 2023 at the earliest. You can decide how many Art Security Tokens you wish to offer and at what price. Potential buyers can then request your contact details to get in touch with you to negotiate a possible sale. The Art Security Tokens’ liquidity may be limited at first.

Everyone who has registered to the Rubey platform and has been verified like you, has gone through a legal Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This allows fast, correct and secure Art Security Token transactions between authenticated users only.

Rubey’s provision of the platform bulletin board depends on third-party technological developments. Rubey cannot be held liable if such developments suffer any setbacks. In a worst case scenario, token holders will therefore have to keep their Art Security Tokens until the end of the term.


Find out how to become a masterpiece ‘co-owner’ in 5 steps.

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You have to register without obligation to gain access to the Art Security Tokens.

You will receive a confirmation email upon registration to activate your account. It may take up to 3 minutes for you to receive the email.

Activate your account from the confirmation email.

When you have activated your account, you will have full access to the Rubey platform.

The next step is your activation as an investor. Only natural persons can become investors via the Rubey platform. If your company would like to buy Art Security Tokens, please contact us as this requires a different procedure.

If you are a natural person, you can immediately become an investor on the platform.

Read the general terms and conditions, disclaimers and agreements carefully, accept them and then upload your ID card and proof of address.

As you probably know, all financial transactions currently involve a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. This is a legal requirement to verify who the investor is and whether the investor obtained the funds in a legal way. We therefore need to ask you to upload some documents with regard to your identity.

All provided information is verified by a CSSF-certified external partner. You will receive an email when your information has been approved and you have been verified as an investor.

You can also create a digital wallet during the investor onboarding process. You need such a wallet to keep your Art Security Tokens in your personal account. The wallet will not be visible until you have purchased the Art Security Tokens. You pay 15 euros a year to use the Rubey wallet on the platform. If you choose this option, 15 euros will be added to your investment amount. You will be asked to make an additional payment of 15 euros at the start of every annual period. If you already have your own digital Ethereum wallet, you can link it to the Rubey platform free of charge. Of course, you will pay no service charges for this. You can always switch from a (paid) Rubey wallet to another wallet in your name over time.

Have you completed all the previous steps and have you been verified as an investor? Perfect. Now you can start buying your Art Security Tokens and pay for them electronically. The Rubey platform offers Art Security Tokens for an amount from 150 to 10,000 euros. If you wish to invest a higher amount, please contact us.

Because the bulletin board is not yet active on the Rubey platform, Rubey will process all transactions every two weeks. In practice this means that once your funds have been received in Rubey's account, you need to wait up to two weeks to see your purchased Art Security Tokens appear in your wallet.

Youu will receive an email when your Art Security Tokens are in your wallet.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of Art Security Tokens. You can always access your Tokens in your personal dashboard. If you would like to sell your Art Security Tokens, you can do so on the Rubey bulltin board from 2023.

You will receive important email notifications regarding your Art Security Tokens and the painting you have invested in.